Stop Worrying about the Death of Deep Attention and Go with the Collaborative Flow

Clay Shirky says faculty’s insight into the Zeitgeist is a trailing indicator compared to what students are doing in his “Theory and Practice of Social Media” course. Shirky tells On the Media what he’s learned from his students in the NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program:

For 31 years New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program has taught students how to invent, design, build and think about communications technology. Brooke talks to students and professor Clay Shirky about this year’s work and how the program’s past might predict our future.

: : : ::: Click Here to learn more about the projects discussed: Saul Kessler’s musical paintbrush, Adi Marom’s elevator shoes , Zoe Fraade-Blanar’s meme tracker, Alex Kauffmann’s paywalls, Mustafa Bagdatli’s biofeedback monitor and Jorge Just’s family locator.

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