Attention Economy May 20, 2016

  • Trending Topics – On The Media – WNYC 051316
    Bob Garfield : Bob says: "Who cares?!" By asking him about policy flip-flops and speculating about his VP pick, the press is normalizing an abnormal candidate. Instead, they must stay on the real story: his dangerous statements about women, Muslims, and immigrants.
  • Nationalize Facebook – On The Media – WNYC 051316
    From its reach into the lives of over a billion people to the way it blurs the line between breaking news and personal posts, to the scope of its plans to provide global internet access — Facebook’s power is unlike anything we’ve seen before. That is, unless you count Standard Oil and the other great monopolies of the Gilded Age. | Bob talks to progressive author and professor Robert McChesney about the dangers of media consolidation and why economists on both sides of the spectrum have argued in favor of drastic measures when it comes to dealing with companies of Facebook’s size.
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