Attention Economy August 12, 2016

  • Gianni Kovacevic's Travels With Tesla – Bloomberg View 080216
    Barry Ritholtz: In this week’s Masters in Business podcast, we chat with Gianni Kovacevic, a venture capital investor and energy expert. He is the founder of CO2 Master Solutions Partnership and author of “My Electrician Drives a Porsche? Investing in the Rise of the New Spending Class." | Kovacevic just drove a Tesla from Toronto, to Boston, to Florida, then to the Tesla factory in California. (He called his promotion of the book “the first zero emission book tour.”) He describes himself as a “realistic environmentalist,” and we discuss what that means from a practical perspective.
  • How to Build the Perfect Reading List in 3 Steps – Bloomberg View 081216
    Barry Ritholtz "Curate viciously.: In the wee hours of the morning, I open 50 or so tabs from a browser folder. Just about every major media outlet is included. Each afternoon, I do the same with a different 40 or so; these are more esoteric, special-interest and topic-specific. Alternating between a broad, wide scope and a narrow, deep one allows for a good mix. | Speed also counts. I follow Sturgeon’s revelation: 90 percent of everything is crap. Ruthless efficiency outweighs the occasional false positive. | Create a narrative. I try to weave together a series of (apparently) unrelated items, which often have a commonality. It is a puzzle, finding that common thread. | Be balanced, but have an opinion. It’s important to recognize that this reflects the views of one person — albeit one who is immersed in media as both a consumer and a producer."
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