Attention Economy January 15, 2017


  • We the People: public art for the inauguration and beyond by Amplifier Foundation — Kickstarter
  • The Music Donald Trump Can’t Hear – The New Yorker
  • GOP Congressman, Overwhelmed by Constituents Concerned About ACA Repeal, Sneaks Out of Event Early
  • Cities of the Old
  • Donald Trump Press Conference Cold Open – SNL – YouTube 011417
    President-elect Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) holds his first press conference since getting elected.
  • James Fallows: Happy New Year: See You in June – The Atlantic 010117
    Why a cold-turkey break? The external reason involves the new reality of the Donald Trump era. During the final six months of his campaign, I tried to keep up with the “norm-breaking,” unprecedented things the candidate kept doing and saying. That became a nearly full-time activity, and the number of entries ultimately reached 152. Since the election, the pace of Trump’s transgressions and aberrations has only increased. As a reporter you can keep up with this, in the full intensity it deserves, or you can do anything else. I am 100% on board in supporting the reporters, editors, and analysts at The Atlantic and elsewhere who are girding for daily engagement with the implications of Trump. But I think that the greatest journalistic value I can add is not by spending all my time as one more voice in the fact-check/ norm-defense patrol but instead in reporting on how the rest of the country can and should respond. And I know that the latter is the story I am more excited to tell.
  • Who Will Win the Presidential Debates Between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton? – The Atlantic September 2016
    James Fallows: The most accurate way to predict reaction to a debate is to watch it with the sound turned off. | The record of presidential debates since 1960 generally conforms to White’s maxim. In only a minority of cases have politicians gained or lost ground based on what they said, rather than how they looked while saying it.
  • The Man Who Became Donald Trump – POLITICO Magazine
    Annie Karni: The code name for the operation was “Royal Water,” English for the Latin-named “Aqua Regia” acid, which is powerful enough to dissolve gold. | That was how the small group of Hillary Clinton aides clued in to the top-secret identity of the man who played Donald Trump in debate preparations referred to him and his small team. | And for Philippe Reines—the colorful and famously combative longtime Clinton confidant who stepped into the role of Trump opposite his old boss in tense and testing mock sessions—it was the name of the project that drove him deep into Trump’s mind for three of the most bizarre months of his life. | Clinton’s chief gatekeeper in the Senate and at the State Department, Reines, 46, was a longtime clutch player in Clinton’s tight-knit and clubby inner circle. But until August, when the 2016 Democratic nominee signed off on his star turn as Trump, Reines had been kept at arm’s length from the ultimately doomed campaign, playing no official role. When he was finally handed one, Reines effectively took a three-month leave from his day job and went full method actor, cribbing from the all-in immersion techniques of Hollywood legends like Marlon Brando and Robert De Niro.
  • POLITICO Playbook 011417
    TRUMP vs. JOHN LEWIS — FIRST IN PLAYBOOK: BUTTIGIEG’s D.N.C. platform — TRUMP talks Russia, China with WSJ — SESSIONS’ Democrat problem — SPOTTED AT SEAN SPICER’s party — B’DAY: Susan Glasser
  • Dark Ecology | Orion Magazine2012
    In a 2012 essay for Orion magazine—a piece Nicolas specifically recommended—the writer Paul Kingsnorth argued that one of the things green-minded people should do at this moment in history is build havens. “Can you think, or act, like the librarian of a monastery through the Dark Ages, guarding the old books as empires rise and fall outside?” he wrote.
  • How Anarchists and Intentional Communities Are Reacting to Trump – The Atlantic
    Emma Green : Why some Americans are withdrawing from mainstream society into “intentional communities”—and what the rest of the country can learn from them
  • What Weird Obama Dreams Say About the President’s Legacy – The Atlantic
  • The End of Government Oversight? – The Atlantic
    Alexia Fernández Campbell: Republicans in Congress are working hard to remove business regulations that they believe are hampering economic growth. | Regulations, regulations, regulations. It’s a dirty word among Republicans in Congress, who are getting started on their plan to scale back federal oversight of U.S. businesses. Federal rules meant to protect the environment, consumers, and workers can cost businesses money, and Republicans believe those rules are strangling American economic growth. | Republicans have repeatedly accused the Obama administration of abusing its regulatory powers, such as the Labor Department’s creation of the fiduciary rule (which requires financial planners to put the interest of their clients before their own) and the overtime rule (which increases the number of workers eligible for overtime pay). As president, Trump can remove these rules, though doing so would likely take years.
  • Inside LAX’s New Anti-Terrorism Intelligence Unit – The Atlantic
    Geoff Manaugh•If the airport’s experimental team succeeds, every critical infrastructure site in the world might soon have its own in-house intel operation.
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