Sources – January 24, 2017

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  • Gina Miller Says Facebook Is Failing To Deal With Abuse And Death Threats – BuzzFeed News 012416
    Gina Miller, the woman who led the legal case against the government’s process for exiting the European Union and won, has accused Facebook of failing to take “responsibility” to stop users inciting violence and making death threats against her.
    In an interview with BuzzFeed News on Tuesday after the Supreme Court ruled in favour of Miller and her fellow campaigners, she said social media platforms were not doing enough to cooperate with police investigating “violent threats” against her, and said they had failed to “provide the police with what they need to track down these individuals”.
    Miller, who has faced calls for her to be hung, shot, and gang raped, said half of the abuse she has faced had come via social media, including on Facebook, but that the platforms were not doing enough to stop it.
  • Columbia University Reveals Details Of Its Ties With Slavery : The Two-Way : NPR 012417
    Thus began the entwined histories of slavery in America and the institution that would become Columbia University.
    Now, some of the details of that history are publicly available. Columbia is the latest major university to publish a preliminary report and put up a website with details about its historical ties to slavery.
    “From the outset, slavery was intertwined with the life of the college,” the preliminary report by Columbia professor Eric Foner states. “Of the ten men who served as presidents of King’s and Columbia between 1754 and the end of the Civil War, at least half owned slaves at one point in their lives. So did the first four treasurers.”
  • Polirico Playbook 012417
    SCOOPS: VALERIE JARRETT’S NEXT ACT and PEYTON MANNING to GOP retreat — TRUMP discusses imagined voter fraud at congressional meeting — BEHIND the RYAN/TRUMP huddle — SARA ARMSTRONG to be RNC COS – POLITICO
  • Mark Zuckerberg Says He’s Not Running For President – BuzzFeed News
  • The Legacy of Slavery and The Value of Black Life in America – The Takeaway – WNYC 012417
    For as long as America has existed, black life has been valued and devalued to varying degrees. It is what former First Lady Michelle Obama called attention to her in speech at the Democratic National Convention.
    “The story of generations of people who felt the lash of bondage, the shame of servitude, the sting of segregation, but who kept on striving and hoping and doing what needed to be done so that today I wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves,” said First Lady Obama.
    And it is the rallying call of the Black Lives Matter movement that emerged from our recent chronicling of racial violence in America.
    In a new book, “The Price for Their Pound of Flesh,” author Daina Ramey Berry puts a price tag on slavery, and explores how slaves were used as commodities through every stage of life in early America. Ramey Berry is also a professor of history at University of Texas at Austin.
  • For C.E.O.s, a New Concern: The Activist in Chief – 012317
    Andrew Ross Sorkin: “For years, chief executive officers lived in fear they would become a target of the activist investor Carl Icahn. Now, they live in dread of a different and somewhat more unexpected kind of activist: President Donald J. Trump. …
    “As corporate executives around the globe try to understand the implications of the Trump administration on their businesses, they seem to be having an almost bipolar reaction: a euphoric sense that regulations and taxes could soon be lowered … yet a simultaneous anxiety that they could become a target of one of the president’s Twitter tirades, which could undo their businesses or possibly their careers.”
  • TPP goes down – POLITICO Morning Money 012417
    TPP GOES DOWN — No surprise here given President Donald Trump campaigned on it. But the official White House move to pull the United States out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (thus essentially killing it) still stung for the many former Obama administration officials who worked long and hard to craft it and address the (many) concerns raised by members of Congress and various industries.
  • Inside The Private Chatrooms Trump Supporters Are Using To Manipulate French Voters – BuzzFeed News
    BuzzFeed News was recently given access to a chatroom called “The Great Liberation Of France,” which is hosted on a Slack-like messaging platform called Discord.
    …Te large majority of the work being done in “The Great Liberation Of France” is based around creating fake Facebook and Twitter accounts to manipulate French social media users.

Facebook Screenshot via BuzzFeed. The head of this particular Discord group is a user that goes by @trumpwin2016.

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