Trump’s Messaging Speaks to Your Inner 3-Year-Old

Donald Trump communicates as if he’s talking to 3-year-olds, according to marketing guru Kevin Roberts. Make America Great Again. Build the Wall. Drain the Swamp. Crooked Hilary. Lyin’ Ted. Trump has changed public discourse from “political, philosophical” language to “action language”everyone can get involved in.

Roberts doesn’t mention “Grab ‘Em by the Pussy” in his Bloomberg Surveillance interview. That fits on a ball cap, too. Preschoolers aren’t supposed to know such words, but you’d be surprised how many do. Especially with a role model like our 45th President.

Bloomberg Surveillance 012617: Kevin Roberts, founder at Red Rose Consulting, discusses the message of President Donald Trump and how he speaks directly to the American people. Robert Sinche, global strategist at Amherst Pierpont, joins the conversation on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Roberts is author of 64 Shots: Leadership in a Crazy World (2016).

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